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New from Pachamama

We’ve had a delivery of a big selection of sterling silver and sterling silver with semi-precious stones jewellery from our friend Sabine at Pachamama. Sabine imports jewellery on a fair trade basis from Bali and Java. Sabine not only pays a fair price “We never use our buying power to force prices down. We pay a good price for our jewellery, and in return expect the highest quality of work for you. This way we promote a culture of high standards, and encourage producers to take pride in their work” but she also knows all the producers personally and visits regularly to develop new designs and discuss business issues.

In addition Sabine only buys directly from the people who make the jewellery rather than from intermediaries, this allows her to be certain about wages and working conditions, that there is no child labour and that women and men are paid the same for the same work.

The typical supplier to Pachamama is a small family group working together to produce a high quality product but it isn’t sufficient that the workshop excels in jewellery making. The person in charge must be a skilled silversmith who works alongside the rest of the team and not just a business person.

It is part of the essence of fair trade that Pachamama not only demands the highest standards in its jewellery but in turn regards it as a responsibility to ensure that the producers have regular well-paid work. You will find Pachamama’s distinctive and very desirable jewellery on sale in the St Andrew’s shop.


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