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Beaver Fairtrade Fun

Some of the Fairtrade at St Andrew’s team had a great time at the Wixams Village Beaver Colony last Friday evening. Twenty four young Beaver Scouts participated in activities to help them understand more about fairtrade. They were a lovely set of young people, full of enthusiasm and ready to pitch into everything.

After a ‘work’ task in groups there was great excitement and indignation when, after all the groups had worked hard and done the job well, they were ‘paid’ very different amounts in home made £1 notes! The Beavers felt strongly that this wasn’t fair and insisted on a redistribution of the cash.

Later, just for fun, there was a ‘pushing fairtrade lemons with a pencil’ race to and fro across the Village Hall. Lemons roll around erratically when pushed and the colony members showed a lot of ingenuity in getting their lemons under control and going in the right direction as fast as possible.

The Colony leader had kindly agreed to us bringing a small stall of fairtrade goods and the evening ended with the Beavers crowding round to make purchases, with heavy sales in particular of small bars of Divine Chocolate.


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